About Susan Fleming

Susan Fleming is a home economist, teacher, columnist, and features journalist. In her 25+ years of professional experience, she has worked as a food writer, national children’s manners columnist, instructor, editor, creative director, and food consultant specializing in the areas of event planning, entertaining, and etiquette. She has developed recipes, menus, and live stage and on-air… Continue reading About Susan Fleming

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The beach in winter

Mission Statement

Manners. Moods. Parties. Purpose. The sensitive person’s guide to a life well-lived. I started Tasteful Tales because I couldn’t find a lifestyle blog that allowed planning splendid parties, cozy family dinners, the Golden Age of travel, and my fascination with vintage fashion to live in harmony with my ever-present and general curiosity. There was nothing… Continue reading Mission Statement

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Susan Fleming

What I write about

I write about memory, belonging, contradictions, uncertainty, and the strange nature of desire. I write about breaking bread, food, entertaining, manners, relationships, family dynamics, life well-lived, friendship, and beauty. And those rare, exquisite moments when life becomes like art. I write about graciousness, healing, forgiveness, compassion, mindfulness, meaning, context, and delicate expressions of grace. What… Continue reading What I write about

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