How to stop being interrupted

Listen and you will not interrupt

We all know at least one person who has a habit of interrupting people when they’re talking.  What can you do to correct him or her without being rude?

Most interrupters don’t really realize what they are doing when they cut you off.  It is perfectly polite to clue them in by saying something like, “Let me finish what I was saying before you share your idea.”

Another technique might be to gently correct someone if he or she interrupts someone else in your presence. Just say something like, “I don’t think so-and-so was finished talking.”

If you’re dealing with a child who interrupts, be aware that interrupters generally aren’t good listeners, so you might want to encourage your child to practice listening so he or she may be more aware when they have the urge to interrupt someone else. This takes diligence and patience, but learning how to listen is a wonderful life-skill that will always serve you well.