The beach in winter

Mission Statement

Manners. Moods. Parties. Purpose.

The sensitive person’s guide to a life well-lived.

I started Tasteful Tales because I couldn’t find a lifestyle blog that allowed planning splendid parties, cozy family dinners, the Golden Age of travel, and my fascination with vintage fashion to live in harmony with my ever-present and general curiosity. There was nothing out there that satisfied me intellectually and aesthetically.

I was looking for other folks who, like me, have a love of tradition as well as a rebellious streak and who respect convention through a decidedly eccentric point of view.  I was looking for a place where contradictions could be reveled with people who love poetry, period dramas, thank you notes, and quiet time alone. I was searching for people who read, who appreciate cocktail parties, fine stationery, teatime, and proper grammar, but have no trouble being silly.  

I wanted to meet others who know about failures, tragic and defining moments as well as lovely transformations. I wanted to immerse myself in a lifestyle of culture, sense of occasion, love of place; I wanted to meet others who have a great respect for modern medicine and technology but who may feel they were born a hundred years too late.

I was looking for people like me: who believe in destiny and fatal flaws; I wanted to know people who care about things like manners and appropriateness, grand gestures, family silver, literature, historic hotels, and the beach in winter.

I wanted to read a blog about philosophy, art, and gracious living. I wanted to be in a place where existence’s meaning could be questioned and celebrated against a backdrop of beauty and social history where life, even with all its challenges, could be well-lived.