Susan Fleming

What I write about

I write about memory, belonging, contradictions, uncertainty, and the strange nature of desire. I write about breaking bread, food, entertaining, manners, relationships, family dynamics, life well-lived, friendship, and beauty. And those rare, exquisite moments when life becomes like art. I write about graciousness, healing, forgiveness, compassion, mindfulness, meaning, context, and delicate expressions of grace. What it means to see and to be seen, to have a sense of place, and spirit of occasion. The loneliness we are ashamed of, frightened of, weary of.  At times, I write about disappointment, the corruption of innocence, loss of self, breaking of the spirit, and the contaminating consequence of betrayal. I write about audacity and healing, things that are beautiful and human, nuance, my search for God, for strength of purpose, for what is lovely, for self. I write a lot about the sacredness of love.